A low-power multi-purpose low latency  wireless sensor platform.

Project Details

An LED strip controller? Yep. A wireless temperature & humidity sensor? Sure. A remote fireworks launcher? Of course. 

This tiny node was designed to be a generic wireless platform with low latency, high availability, and minimal power requirements. Originally starting as an idea for a single-channel LED strip controller for my kitchen, this project slowly evolved to become the basis of a network-based home automation system.

The project uses an ATtiny84 AVR and an nRF24l01+ board which provides ultra low power 2.4GHz communication. With the right settings a battery-powered node could last many months on a charge. The nodes can operate alone or form a mesh network with other nodes to ensure that communication to all nodes is fast and reliable. A custom-made nRF24l01+ to ethernet bridge allowed nodes to be accessible over an IP network for use in a home automation setting.


Personal project


PCB design & assembly

Firmware design

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